2010 Beach Cleanups

New Hampshire Beach Cleanups 2010

By participating in a beach clean up you are making direct and tangible improvements to the New Hampshire coastline as you pick up trash. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Want to do more? Why not help run one of the cleanups in 2010. Email us or just ask one of the organizers at the next scheduled cleanup.

To join our email list for news, activities and events, just send us an email – nh at surfrider.org

Cleanup Dates, Times, and Locations

January 3Cancelled (snow/floods/blizzard)
February 6 – Saturday 10am The Wall
March 7 – Sunday 1pm Seabrook
April 3 – Saturday 9am The Wall
May 9 – Sunday 1pm Seabrook
June 12 – Saturday 9am The Wall
July 11 – Sunday 8am Jenness
August 7– Saturday 5pm The Wall
September 5 – Sunday 5pm Jenness
October 9 – Saturday 9am The Wall
November 14 – Sunday 1pm Seabrook
December 4 – Saturday 1pm The Wall

Where we meet
The Wall – meet across from Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Shop
Seabrook – meet at Zapstix Surf Shop
Jenness – meet at north end of the Jenness Beach car park

2010 Cleanup Poster

Here’s our 2010 cleanup poster NH Surfrider 2010 beach cleanups poster
It lists the dates and times for all the beach cleanups in 2010 so please print it out, put it on the fridge, spread the word, and find the time to help look after your ocean, waves, and local beaches.