First Summer Cleanup Draws a Crowd!

The first of the Summer Series of beach cleanups supported by Cinnamon Rainbows and Ocean Minded saw 22 volunteers sign in for the cleanup – and the raffle.

On offer at each of the four cleanups are sandals and t-shirts from Ocean Minded plus an August grand prize of a new surfboard from Cinnamon Rainbows. Anyone helping with these cleanups can enter the free raffle.

Following several cleanups where NH Surfrider removed many large items from the beach, this month’s cleanup of 87 pounds in 16 bags comprised hundreds of smaller pieces of trash.

A big thank you to the sponsors and all the volunteers who braved the cool May weather to clean up the beach.

Here are the rest of the raffle-cleanup dates and a poster to print and stick on the fridge!

June 6 at 5pm
July 5 at 6pm
August 1 at 4pm

(Meet outside Cinnamon Rainbows)

Click here for the Surfboard Raffle Beach Cleanups Poster

May 09 cleanup The Wall 5
May 09 cleanup The Wall 4
May 09 cleanup The Wall 2
May 09 cleanup The Wall 1